Senior Prom Props Miami Photography

What is prom night without  fun senior prom props ? To wrap up our fun prom session  the girls got together and picked their favorites from  Strawberrymommycakes Class of 2014 Senior Photo props. If you are hosting at your house before  prom this is a super fun way to get everyone to take pictures and not worry about any awkward prom posing. If there are any moms reading this scroll to the bottom to purchase this very same one or you can easily make your own with some really cute bunting from Target. The goal is to have fun with all your friends taking the pictures and in years to come reminisce over the amazing times you all shared back in 2014.

– Print on  laser printer or at your local print shop
-Make sure to print on somewhat thick cardstock
-Cut and attach to fun stripe,polka, or chevron straws
-For the banner lay on a table or floor to make sure you spelled everything  right. Use fabric or elmers glue to attach ribbon. I used an entire 7/8 black grosgrain 3ft.

Senior Prom Props Miami Photography

Senior Prom Props Miami Photography

Senior Prom Props Miami

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