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  Rosie | Quinces

“I’d love to be a real-life princess and marry an heir to the throne”, says Rosie jokingly. “But realistically, I’d love to be a surgeon, because the idea of being able to save lives is a rush that fills me with joy”. Her mom said she definitely would describe her daughter as a “sweet, loving princess”, but this gorgeous girl is also grounded and mature. She will make a fabulous surgeon someday!

When she has free time, Rosie loves listening to music, shopping, watching Netflix, and practicing photography. She also added that her personal definition of beauty would be, “I believe that people can be beautiful on the outside but true beauty comes from within. People don’t like someone because that person is pretty, they like that person because they are genuine and kind. No one appreciates someone being a jerk to them and I believe if your personality is to be a jerk, then that’s true ugliness. Yet if your personality consists of you being kind and genuine and considerate, well then that is truly beautiful”.

Wise words from a fifteen year old…we all could learn something from that perspective.  Rosie’s advice to upcoming quince clients, “The more you let loose and enjoy it, the more the camera will love you and the better your pictures will come out”!  She also added that those big, gorgeous quince dresses are a bit more complicated than they look. “My favorite part of my session was after I took my fifteens dress off because it was so, so, so hot in that dress!

All her outfits showed her stylish side, but I especially loved her cute pink outfit that we complemented with balloons! After all, “fifteens” sessions are about celebration! Her mom also had a blast, and sweetly wrote, “Cristina is AMAZING! From the first time we met her we knew she was the perfect match. She made the entire process painless and enjoyable. She loves what she does and makes it all so easy; I wouldn’t have chosen anyone else to document this most precious moment in my princess’ life!”



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