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Arlette of Beauty by Arlette is gracing us with her extensive knowledge this week as our guest blogger. Arlette is one of the most sought  after  makeup artist in Miami for weddings and high school seniors. Beauty by Arlette offers facials, lash lifts, professional airbrush  makeup, threading and skin consultations. Her work has been featured in LUCKY magazine, music videos , Miss Florida, and other  commercial work. Arlette is Studio Four 13’s exclusive  makeup artist. She is the expert in getting all the teenage girls ready with their  prom makeup.

Trends  + Tips for Prom Perfect Look

Tip #1: Exfoliate by mixing a teaspoon of sugar into your face wash (one day before prom) and scrubbing away, in circular motions, all over face and lips.  Then rinse off with water & towel dry.
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Tip #2: If you have any blemishes, do not pick at them before prom because open wounds, scabs and/or irritated blemish spots are more difficult to cover with makeup & can easily get infected.
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 Tip #3: If your eyebrows need grooming, I suggest threading them.  Threading lasts longer, looks more tapered & does not cause heat hives, remove skin or possibly burn the surface. 

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Tip #4: To avoid dark, puffy under eye circles, avoid salty foods the night before prom & get enough rest.  As soon as you wake up, drink a tall glass of ice cold four 13

 Tip #5:  Make sure you purchase your fave lipstick color so that reapplying is possible throughout the evening.  Even choosing a second color, such as a red or hot pink, to transform your makeup look for the second half of photo shoot is a great idea. separator

Prom TIP for 2014

glitters on eye shadow palette are totally in and how lashes are a must for any glam prom look

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