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Today we have guest writer Vanessa from Big Hair by Vanessa. She has some important tips on how to get your hair ready for prom! She also will be sharing some of her thoughts on the novel lace front wigs.
 Save time and trouble and follow these tips so you can enjoy prom and look fabulous!!! Vanessa is available for wedding parties,  fifteens, prom, baby showers and any event that you want to sit and unwind and let her to the magic.
Its all about hair on Prom night, right?! Well if you already know what you are wearing, getting your hair just right for the most memorable night of your high school years is just as important!! So important that even if you can’t achieve the coiffure you’re intending to, you can resort to using a human hair lace wig
to get it done.
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Here are a few simple tips to getting that perfect hair on Prom night.
Pre prepping your hair for Prom:
I recommend having a conditioning treatment and a light trim 2-3 weeks before prom for that healthy flawless hair.
Research your desired style:
Make sure to take pictures of several styles that you love so that you may show your stylist what you like. If the style you choose is on someone who has long hair, and your hair is short, make sure you consider that the style may not look the same.
Top Styles:
Curls are IN!!! From old Hollywood glam waves, beach curls, loose curls, tight curls, you name it, CURLS ARE IN!! If you are working with a tight budget, this is a perfect way to have your hair styled for a low price. If you will be attempting the style on yourself, I recommend a heating glove, and a few practices before prom night. Never leave the hot tool on the hair for too long as most of us have seen on YouTube how your hair can burn off ?
long loose curls
Other styles to consider:
Straight and sleek-An easy way to style your hair for that flawless red carpet look. Most brides don this look along with a pair of beach wedding sandals if they’re celebrating at the beach.

Straight and sleek high pony tail- A celebrity favorite that may also be an easy “do it yourself”.

High bun- An easy “do it yourself” that can be created by you. Need something to help your bun look fuller? Pick up on of those easy to use donut buns at any hair supply of Claire’s.
If your hair will be the main attraction for your prom look, I recommend a trial with your stylist to ensure that the hairstyle and the hairstylist both fit your need.

xo, Vanessa

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