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Many years ago, my first year teaching elementary, I was sent to attend a 5 day workshop. At first I couldn’t believe I “had” to attend 5 times (misery) but through the course of the workshop I friended this funny + vivacious girl. Little did we know we had a bunch of friends in common. As the years passed we saw each other at different events and kept in touch. Five years ago a new school  was being built and they needed a new staff. Well as fate would have it Patty and I both were chosen to work there.
Our lives have so many parallels. We’ve both had our ups and downs and one common thread in our lives is that we both walk away with our heads held high and a fat smile on our face. Every conversation with Patty involves uncontrollable laughter. She claims to be (chy) shy;) but she really has no reason to her personality attracts everyone!
Joe, the love you have for Patty is tangible! Your eyes turn into little hearts when you look at her. It’s beautiful! I wish you both much love.  oxxx, cristina
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