happy 5th birthday girl! | miami child photography

hey little girl,
5 years ago today your mommy called me and told me her water broke. We couldn’t believe it. You were almost here. So everyone but mommy and daddy took their sweet time to get to the hospital thinking you would join the world a little later. NOPE that wasn’t the case. You arrived about 3 hours after mommies call and have moved at electric speeds ever since. 
I’ve watched you grow from a tiny-teeny-incredible-obedient baby to this amazing full-of-spunk full-of-life little lady. You make us all laugh with your funny tales and ponder over questions sometimes we don’t even know the answer to. Ariana you are so special. Our world would be a little less quiet and a lot more boring if you were any different. Always be you because your family adores you!

Happy Big 5 Birthday Girl!!!

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