happy 2011

happy 2011 to all my family, friends, and clients!
as wonderful as 2010 treated me, i welcome the new year and challenges. there are no resolutions instead visions and promises of what i will achieve. i am beyond ecstatic to welcome my baby girl to this incredible world we are all enjoying and curious to see the relationship that baby j will have with his baby sister:)

this holiday break  i truly enjoyed the gift of family. everytime my husband asked me what i wanted for christmas it was always the same answer: TIME. i know you moms out there would agree. time is precious. time is unique. time is… you fill in your blank.

luckily somehow i got it! i got to spend time with my son and husband and revel in the luxury of time without deadlines or a watch/iphone (i check the time every 5 minutes). family time is the best time.
sadly my precious time of doing nothing is over but with the new year incredible adventures await.  

i will be booking until february 20. give birth at some point in march and will keep you posted. i anticipate starting back up mid april. please email me if you want to confirm your session date.

hope your enjoying the new year! i know i started mine with carvel cake. yummy.



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