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well i am finally getting around to blogging about the infamous google reader that is the organizer of all things BLOG!

i’ve been asked over and over again where i find this or where i find that? whose blog do i follow? how do i  have time to actually sit and read?  i do agree that time is not always on my side BUT since i subscribed to googler reader i have been able to keep up with  blogs and enjoy reading about parties, photography, design you name it i probably read it.

first things first. you need an email. great you have one.
next go to
here you need to create your account (this is where you need to add your email)
once you create your account you login

BUT wait…..where are all those wonderful blogs you mentioned!!!!

well i’m assuming if you’re even doing this it’s because you blog hop and never remember where you saw what or you have been going to each individual page to read the latest blog post until you read where you last blog read. (is that even a term?)
 so if you do all the above you already know of some great and fabulous blogs you would like to add to google reader. with your list handy log in.

your screen might look like this:

if it does click on Reader
it should now look like this. to add a blog, click on the subscription page.

 make sure that you click “Add” like this:

Then this appears. All the options or posts will be viewed here.  Select the Blog/RSS you wish to add and hit “Subscribe”

here are the two different modes you can view your blogs: list & expanded

here is what it looks like when you have some posts to read. The number in parenthesis is the total number of posts you have not read. Under Subscriptions (scroll down)  you can see which blogs have posted but you have not yet read. This will be indicated with a parenthesis and number as well.

Here are some extra features you might enjoy! 

if you have questions please feel free to email me. i am more than happy to help in any way. you can also add comments for others to see or if you have some other goodies to add that will help our blogging community you may also add those to the comments. if you want to suggest some blogs please email me and I will create a “top” blog list for my followers to follow:)

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