family love

i am selfishly enjoying my two weeks off from my full-time teaching job and spending every minute with my familia. yesterday frank decided to move some stuff to the backyard and in the process  momentarily forgot that we owned, rocco.
rocco, our dear chocolate shedding maniac labrador that is somehow related to ALL the marleys that were in the movie. YES. frank must have had a relapse or seriously thought that i had rocco secretly trained as a  christmas surprise because he opened the gate thinking that the dog would simply STAY in the backyard.
Well he took off and didn’t even look back. no one spoke and then joey shouted, “sit down!” and pointed in the direction where  rocco vanished  with his cute little fingers.
i would love to say that he came back and strolled on his own in the backyard but nooooo he came back only to taunt frank repeatedly. naturally i got my camera and started taking pictures of joey since he was so entertained with his cars, the sidewalk and “dada” chasing “occo”.
here are a few shots of our little man at 20 months. i really should’ve taken pictures of frank chasing rocco but they spent more time around the block than our front yard.
good news: frank caught him. bad news:  frank caught him.

 here is joey playing and discovering chalk
  this is the face after rocco took off
oh well let dada deal with him

 oh he almost got him
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