Evelyn | Headshots

 Evelyn | Headshots

Isn’t Evelyn just beautiful? Not only is she lovely, both inside and out, I also love the reason she chose to do a photoshoot. “Cristina, thank you for helping me do this for myself.  I noticed that most of my pictures on Facebook are with my children at a ballpark or as a group picture during the holidays. In ten to fifteen years I will look back on these pictures and will be very pleased I have them”.  I love that. There doesn’t have to be a special occasion to do a photoshoot, you can do one anytime, for any reason! Evelyn is a wealth management professional, and says she deeply loves her family, being with her friends, and traveling. One day, she hopes to visit Turkey.

“Plan on doing something after your hair and make up are done- you are going to feel like a million bucks!” She also added that she was glad she wore comfortable clothes that suited her personal style. Evelyn, when she is not busy being with her family, loves reading, watching movies, and shopping when her time allows. She says her definition of true beauty is, “having confidence on your own skin, no matter how old or what size you are”. A wise woman! Evelyn, I hope you see how beautiful you are to those around you…your love of life is radiant!


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