Claudia | Miami Quinceanera Photographer

Claudia |  Miami Quinceanera Photographer

Working with Cristina was so amazing, I wish to do it alllll over again! I love her work and the natural beauty she makes the pictures have.  She was so understanding with my ideas and she was able to navigate my mother and I compromising.  ~ Claudia


 La seccion con Cristi fue un dia  largo, pero todo un placer. Me encanta su trabajo y me fasina su forma de ser 🙂 ~Madre

Mom’s description of daughter: Intranquila, porfiada, hermosa, buena gente

Claudia Miami Quinceanera PhotographerDuring free time I:Go to Taylor’s house (BFF) or watch Grey’s anatomy… With Taylor

Claudia Miami Quinceanera Photographer

Name one place you would LOVE to visit: Dubai, Greece, Bora Bora, stay at in the Cinderella suite!

miami quinceanera

Dream Job: I’d wanna become a Victoria secret angel.

miami quinceanera

Favorite part of your session: Being with Cristina and her assistant making me laugh. Also her taking my idea into consideration was amazing.  All of it! I loved all of it.

miami quinceanera

Favorite candy bar: Kit Kat

miami quinceanera

Favorite store to shop, shop, shop: Victoria secret!!

miami quinceanera

Any advice you would give to future client: Have fun with it, don’t be shy, get outfits with color and be positive.

studio four 13 photography quinces

I love: Taylor, my family, my computer/phone.

studio four 13 photography quinces

studio four 13 photography quincesstudio four 13 photography quincesstudio four 13 photography quinces

Studio Four 13 Photography specializes in 15’s, Dance and High School Seniors, Fifteens Photographer Miami Florida. This session took place on the beautiful grounds of Matheson Hammocks and near the lagoon on the water. Claudia wore a quinceanera dress and opted to not wear a tiara.

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