calling in sick

just got back from a family wedding in Deltona, Florida. everything was gorgeous. the bride, the groom, the church, the ceremony, the reception., the weather. weddings make me so happy! especially since this was the first one baby j attended. it was nice to get out of the neighborhood and see the rest of the state. we visited downtown disney and nostalgia hit me like a ton of bricks. i thought i was so over the disney phase of my life but going with your child for the first time felt like Mickey Mouse came to life and granted me three wishes! family weekends are the best!
now we’re back and the sitter had a family emergency….oh well what’s one more day not going to work:)
you would think he just saw mickey, nope he saw a fan up in the ceiling
lenny & shanell’s wedding day
beautiful church in Deltona, Florida
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