baby is finally asleep

Baby is finally asleep

In exactly one week from today I will return to work and to what is the reality of life! WORK! I have been off for almost six months and have enjoyed, loved, appreciated every single waking/sleeping second of it. Of course two weeks ago, I took out my sewing machine and began inventing ways to make money to stay home. Hence picture to the right. In all my glory I set up a shop on Baby is finally asleep and so I get to use the computer.

Update: this is no longer open. and have continued this venture into the land of blogs. I have stumbled into another world where moms rule the web waves. As this is my first post, I want to keep it short and simple. I started making pacifier clips which led me to ballet slipper baggies. I then started dabbling on photoshop and creating templates. my creative energies will soon be organized and posted for your purchasing pleasure on my shop. Till next time. c

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