5 Must Haves for Quinces Session

 5 Must Haves for Quinces Session

Miami is pretty much the mecca of quinceanera celebrations. What are quinces? Quinceañeras? Quinces is the Spanish translation of Fifteens. Quinceañeras are the girls celebrating their Fifteens. It is traditional in many Latin American countries to celebrate this milestone birthday in a young girls life. Many times girls wear a big white dress, have a huge party,  and go on amazing trips! Sometimes they do all of that.  First of all, getting ready to plan may get overwhelming and cause major stress to both parents and teens. If you are one of the two below are 5 Must Haves for Quinces Session.

There are so many different elements to preparing for your Quinces. Hence, I will start off by saying that I am not a traditional quinces photographers. The tips I have are for girls that are interested in celebrating this birthday in a modern fashion.Sessions are so personal. From location, outfits, accessories and makeup the sessions should always represent the individual.

Since this is a delicate age it is important that the quinceanera has a voice. That comes in many different ways: choosing the location, the outfits, the overall style the quinceanera wants to convey.  Here  and here are some quinces sessions that were catered to the clients passion for their sport or hobby.

Email us with any questions or visit our studio for a pre consultation after viewing the tips.

quinces tips before your session

Cristina Gagliano is an award winning teen portrait photographer residing in Miami. Her passion is to work with teens that want to make a difference in the world by giving back to their community and others. She is currently walking for the Lupus Foundation on November 4th with the Dance Unlimited Dance team and would love to see others join.

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